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Establish An Estate Plan For Your Private Business

As a business owner, your estate plan will require a specialized design. The multiple facets of your business will need to be handled delicately when it comes to tax and business law. You should consult an experienced attorney to handle the estate planning for your business.

Our attorneys specialize in the multidisciplinary practices needed to construct a plan for your estate. We can provide you with a multitude of services in a cost-effective and efficient manner. With us, all of the issues associated with your business’s estate plan will be addressed.

Our attorneys will help you choose the best form of organization as we structure your business to reduce tax and provide flexibility for unexpected events. We can prepare and file the documents for your new corporation, limited liability company or partnership.

In addition, we can assist you with negotiations involved in the acquisition of other businesses, long-term leases and distribution agreements.

You Will Need A Succession Plan

When it comes to estate planning for business owners, your primary concern should be tax and succession planning. The unexpected can occur and it is important for your business to be flexible during that time. If your business must be sold, you will want to have reduced taxes for the transaction.

With a lawyer at Brink Bennett Pargaman Atkins & Sanchez PLLC, you can plan for your or a business partner’s death, disability, retirement or divorce. Your plan will include a succession process and buy-sell agreements. We assist in the negotiation of a business sale, when applicable.

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