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Wills And Trusts: For The Benefit Of You And Your Beneficiaries

Wills and trusts are the foundations of well-crafted estate plans Your will identifies who should benefit from your estate. Your will may also identify who gets custody of your kids or pets. Trusts are more complex than wills, but they can also give you much more control over how, when and in what manner your assets are distributed to your intended beneficiaries.

When creating a will, trust or comprehensive estate plan in Austin, seek help from our skilled attorneys at Brink Bennett Pargaman Atkins & Sanchez PLLC. We are invested in the preparation of all aspects of your estate planning needs. We want to know as much as possible about your familial relationships and financial interests so that we can provide you with targeted advice and customized legal solutions.

A Security Measure Tailored To Your Needs

We know that wills are not one-size-fits-all, which is why we will take our time during your initial consultation to understand your needs. One of our attorneys will address ownership and ensure that your assets are properly held. Then we will thoroughly analyze the breakdown of your property.

If you own a business that would be passed onto a beneficiary, we can guide you through succession planning. In addition, one of our attorneys will attend any buy-sell agreement or business arrangement meetings.

A living will is another important document we can help you create. In case of incapacity or impending death, your family and friends will be dealing with difficult emotions and choices. They may be left deciding if you should live or die, in addition to planning your funeral. Instead of leaving them with that weight on their shoulders, you should have your decisions and plans outlined in a living will.

Is A Trust Right For You?

Not all estate plans utilize trusts, but you may want to consider incorporating one or more into your estate plan. A trust is a highly customizable legal tool that can help you:

  • Simplify or eliminate the need for probate
  • Provide money and care instructions on behalf of a loved one with special needs
  • Pass assets to your beneficiaries during your lifetime to avoid tax penalties
  • Set aside assets for grandchildren or other family members who may still be too young to inherit directly
  • Put safeguards in place for beneficiaries who are not responsible enough to handle a lump-sum inheritance

These are just a few examples of how trusts can be customized to achieve specific goals and objectives. After discussing your estate planning needs and goals, our attorneys can advise you on which kind of trust or trusts may be right for you.

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