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Marital Property Planning Starts Now

Whether you are engaged or already married, it is critical to know the laws about property division in marriage. With the help of Brink Bennett Pargaman Atkins & Sanchez PLLC, our firm can help you with the fine details and customize a plan that works for you.

Defining Ownership

An essential step in the estate planning process is defining ownership of separate and community property. Relationships and partnerships have the potential to deteriorate over time and you could lose your assets in a split. You will want to create a community property, postnuptial or premarital agreement to protect your valuables.

Our attorneys at Brink Bennett Pargaman Atkins & Sanchez PLLC will thoroughly review your assets and your plans for your property. You can rely on our extensive experience to help you determine an efficient way of classifying your assets.

The Importance Of Classifying Property

The most important reason to define ownership is to protect the inheritance of children in blended families. You will want to ensure that they benefit from your estate upon your death.

It is also important to allow your spouse to claim a stake in some of what you value. In some cases, we recommend that clients convert separate property to community property to avoid disputes.

Your Agreement Is For Your Protection

Property, gifts and inheritance you acquired before marriage should be outlined as your property. Without a prenuptial agreement, those assets could be the subject of disputes between you, your family and your spouse in case of divorce, disability or death. This can become a challenge for you if you have children from a previous marriage or relationship who should benefit from your estate.

A lawyer at Brink Bennett Pargaman Atkins & Sanchez PLLC in Texas will prepare your customized a premarital agreement or a postmarital property agreement, community property partition agreement, or separate property conversion agreement.

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