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How do you find a good executor?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Estate planning |

Texas residents like you build your estate plans from the ground up. One of the most crucial pillars is your executor. It is important to find one that suits your needs well. What if your executor cannot fulfill their duties to your standard? It may jeopardize your estate plan. 

Today, we will look at some of the objective and subjective traits of a good executor. By focusing on both, you can find someone who matches what you are looking for. 

Does your executor fit on a personal level? 

HuffPost discusses the importance of finding the right executor for you. You must look at both objective and subjective traits. For subjective traits, this includes anything that relates to you on a personal level. Do you get along with this person? Do you share similar core values and beliefs? Do you trust them? Would they make the same decision as you in the same situation? Ask yourself these questions before deciding someone is a good fit. They handle your matters after you pass, so it is crucial for them to represent you well. 

Is your executor a strong leader? 

Objective traits have more to do with their skills as a professional. Are they organized? How do they interact with other people? Do they hold up well under pressure? How well can they manage big projects? They will have to deal with their own grief, as well as the grief of your loved ones. The probate process can also last for years. They should have the strength and capability of managing draining projects. 

Ensure they know how much time and energy they must invest, too. Probate takes a long time. Dealing with so much grief on top of legal matters is stressful. Make sure they understand this before accepting the position.